Yap & Palau

We are just back from Yap & Palau.  What a great place to dive if you want to see some big stuff like sharks, napoleon wrasse, tuna, manta rays, dolphins and the occasional pilot whale.  We were fortunate enough to see the melonhead pilot whale in a pod of about 200 of them.  We were told that they don’t come there very often and that we were very lucky, but what a site seeing them..There are also many wrecks from WWII that one can see.  We saw the Helmet Wreck a Japanese depth charger ship.  On that wreck we saw a crocodile fish – very unusual looking and a juvenile spade fish along with helmets, depth charge containers and sake bottles.  If you have not been to either of these islands, you should put it on your list of “want to dive”.  You won’t be disappointed.