Roatan Triop 2013

Just back from Roatan, what a great time. We stayed at Turquoise Bay Resort on the northeast side of the island.  Beautiful sand beach, staff that would come out and get your drink order, what more can a person ask for on vacation.  What a great place, great staff and rooms were all very nice, and the food was terrific.  We had local entertainment almost every night from fire dancers, local music and then a band on the last night so everyone cut loose and was dancing up a storm.  We gave away lots of gifts and even had some very clever entries made by some.  Those will remain in my heart for a long time.

Diving was great, beautiful walls, nice swim through and abundant fish.  I always try and find something that I haven’t seen before and I was not disappointed.  A Glassy Sweeper, rainbow runner, cave bass, bluelip parrotfish and the ultimate on a dive trip that not everyone gets to see and that is of course the Whaleshark.  We felt that we were in a roundup herding cattle.  All the boats were surrounding this yet unseen creature.  We saw all the tuna, it looked like a bubbling pot at Yellowstone Park.  There were hundreds of them in a bait ball, then we all got close enough to see him come to the surface – a great side view of him.  No one was really thinking cameras, just getting mask, snorkel and fins on so that we could jump in water and get a real close look.  So as we all got geared up and jumped in and swimming mid ocean, no where close to the reef, here is about 20 people all leaving the comforts of the boat and off we go on that swim of a lifetime.  Some of us realized that we were no longer on a reef and now very far from the boat in all directions, but the whale shark was worth it.  As we all got close to seeing him up close and personal, he took a dive and left us.  So even though we didn’t get to see him like pictures portray them, we still all had the excitement of seeing just his side and tail above the water.  Many people have dove more that 40 years without seeing one, so we were very lucky to just see what we did.  Everyone on the boats were so excited all week that it is a day that will not be forgotten anytime soon.